Family Center Preschool

We believe that experiences during the first five years of life provide the foundation for a lifelong love of learning. We encourage children to develop socially, emotionally, and intellectually in a setting that fosters individuality, curiosity, and enthusiasm. Guided by the principles of good teaching, our early childhood educators provide each child with choices, challenges, and opportunities that nurture feelings of competence and promote growth in all domains. We respect individual differences and recognize that all children develop at their own pace and in accordance with their own unique learning style.

Family Center Preschool Curriculum

The Family Center Preschool's "5C Curriculum Framework" combines carefully framed intentional learning objectives with the spontaneity that emerges from children's active exploration of their physical world. The curriculum was designed by the Mailman Segal Institute's acclaimed team of early childhood educators and specialists who use research and evaluation to guide implementation. A rich variety of activities and experiences excite, invite, and encourage children to become competent in each of the areas within the "5C" framework.

5C Curriculum Framework

  • critical thinking, the development of problem solving strategies and the acquisition of readiness skills
  • creative expression, which encompasses divergent thinking, flexibility, and originality
  • cooperation, the development of empathy and emerging social skills
  • concept development, the acquisition of knowledge and basic principles related to the social and physical environment
  • communication, the ability to understand, interpret, and express meanings, as well as to exchange information, ideas, and opinions

Creative art, music, movement, dramatic play, problem-solving, scientific exploration, math, and literacy activities are an integral part of every child's day. Activities and learning opportunities are responsive to each child's unique styles and interests.