About the Family Center Infant & Toddler Program

Within an atmosphere of trust and respect, the Family Center Infant & Toddler Program provides our youngest children with safe, healthy, developmentally appropriate care. Each child is assigned an experienced primary caregiver who works closely with families to ensure that children’s individual needs are met. Infants and toddlers have daily opportunities to engage in a wide variety of activities carefully designed to help them achieve key developmental milestones.

Children develop expectations about the world and themselves based on their relationships with others. When interactions are positive, responsive, and affectionate, babies learn to love, trusting that their needs will be met.  Learning occurs in babies and toddlers when they are presented with appropriate challenges and are free to explore their world. The support and compassion of a trusted adult enables a child to grow by conveying a sense of security within the learning experience.

Family Center Infant & Toddler Program Curriculum

Our "5C Curriculum Framework" combines carefully framed intentional learning objectives with the spontaneity that emerges from children’s active exploration of their physical world. The curriculum was designed by the Mailman Segal Center’s acclaimed team of early childhood educators and specialists who use research and evaluation to guide implementation.A rich variety of activities and experiences excite, invite, and encourage children to become competent in each of the areas within the "5C" framework.

5C Curriculum Framework

  • critical thinking, the development of problem solving strategies and the acquisition of readiness skills
  • creative expression, which encompasses divergent thinking, flexibility, and originality
  • cooperation, the development of empathy and emerging social skills
  • concept development, the acquisition of knowledge and basic principles related to the social and physical environment
  • communication, the ability to understand, interpret, and express meanings, as well as to exchange information, ideas, and opinions

Creative art, music, movement, dramatic play, problem-solving, scientific exploration, math, and literacy activities are an integral part of every child’s day. Activities and learning opportunities are responsive to each child’s unique styles and interests.