Early Learning Programs

The Mailman Segal Center's early childhood programs recognize the diverse needs of today's families and offer a wide range of early care and education options:

Regardless of whether families begin their early educational journey in the Family Center’s Parenting Place, Infant and Toddler, or Preschool, curriculum content is intentionally designed to promote development in all domains. We believe in both the naturally growing abilities of children and the critical role of caring adults in nurturing learning. To support this philosophical approach, learning environments are carefully designed to spark children's curiosity and teaching staff are trained on how to implement a child-centered curriculum which combines the structure of carefully framed objectives with the spontaneity that emerges from commitment to discovery and exploration.

Research-based strategies for learning guide teaching practice: from Piaget's child-centered approach where children make sense of their world through active exploration and manipulation of objects, to Vygotsky's theory of assisted performance where the role of the knowledgeable adult is critical to helping children acquire targeted knowledge and skills.
At the to Mailman Segal Center's Early Learning Programs, we provide a range of high quality, rich, innovative, and integrative learning programs designed for all children and their families.