Baudhuin Preschool Therapeutic and Support Services

In addition to the educational programming offered at the Baudhuin Preschool, many therapeutic and support services are offered to children and families.

Behavioral Therapy

The Behavioral Therapy Department addresses problem behaviors in the classroom and trains staff in applied behavior analysis. Behavior Analysts conduct functional assessments, write individual behavior plans for students, and monitor the staff’s implementation of the plan and the student’s progress. Behavior Analysts train staff in plan implementation and behavioral strategies for the classroom with the goals of increasing desired skills and decreasing inappropriate behaviors. Our Board Certified Associate Behavior Analysts (BCABA) are certified at the national level.

Speech/Language Therapy

Therapists in our Speech/Language Department address challenges with language, pragmatics, feeding, oral-motor skills, articulation, and social skill development. Facilitation of language development is achieved through various modes of communication including verbalization, Picture Exchange Communication Systems (PECS), Picture Communication Systems (PCS), sign language, and augmentative communication.

Our Speech/Language therapists address communication disorders by providing services through a variety of delivery models including language facilitation in the classroom, co-treatment with teachers and support staff, and individual and group sessions. Masters level speech/language pathology students from Nova Southeastern University provide supervised speech/language therapy services. Our speech/language therapists are certified by the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA).

Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapy Department utilizes the Model of Occupational Adaptation as a theoretical guide for intervention. Therapists focus on the child’s performance within their educational environment, utilizing techniques of sensory integration and neuro-developmental treatment (NDT), to support the attainment of IEP goals. Masters level occupational therapy students from Nova Southeastern University provide supervised occupational therapy services. Our occupational therapists are certified by the American Occupational Therapy Association.