Jim & Jan Moran Family Center Village

The Jim & Jan Moran Family Center Village houses all of the center's programs in a central demonstration facility inviting students, faculty members, and researchers to observe, experience, and learn about best practices in early childhood, autism across the lifespan and family studies.

The village is conceived as an extension of the home, borrowing holistic elements commonly associated with family life. The design replicates a nurturing family environment incorporating central living areas adjacent to classrooms, which mirror more intimate family spaces. The facility incorporates natural light and elements focusing on the outdoors and nature. The layout supports a close relationship between home and school, encouraging exploration, cooperative learning, creative expression, and imaginative play in children.

Located on five acres adjacent to NSU's main campus, each room is equipped with state-of-art technology to facilitate the teaching and learning environment. The 110,000-square-foot facility enables parents, students, and educators to come together and learn about the wonder of childhood and early childhood development.