The Academy Family Involvement at the Mailman Segal Center for Human Development

Recognizing that families are a critical component of children's educational programming, a range of family education and support programs are offered. Specialized groups for parents of newly diagnosed children, fathers, mothers, grandparents, and siblings are offered. Groups are also offered for Spanish speaking grandparents and parents for those who are more fluent in that language. When requested by a family member or deemed necessary by school staff, home visits will be made to further support the student and family.

The Academy provides regular communication between home and school so that family members and school staff are aware of the progress and concerns regarding every student. Daily home notes that describe the specific programming and activities of the day with a focus on each child’s accomplishments and challenges are provided. Parents are encouraged to reply with information about their children during after school and pre-school. Emails and phone calls are encouraged and quickly responded to in order to insure open and frequent communication between home and school. Quarterly progress meetings are held to share the student’s accomplishments.

There is a yearly tuition for the Academy program that covers the school year. Kindergarten students may be eligible to use the Florida McKay Scholarship towards the school-year tuition. Parents should check the Florida School Choice website to determine whether their child is eligible and get information on how to access this resource. At the current time, preschool students are not eligible for the McKay Scholarship in the state of Florida. A separate summer program is also offered for students to support the continuity of programming.