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New Employee Orientation

Supervisor Orientation Toolkit

The First Week

During the new employee's first week, make sure the focus on two-way communication continues. Address any questions that the new employee may have on subjects discussed during the first day.

Make sure that the new employee has assignments during the first week of work. This will allow your new employee to demonstrate his/her prior knowledge, competencies, or ability to learn quickly. Review the schedule of staff meetings or other must do activities with the new employee.

Make sure that your new employee is familiar with the following:

Establish a training plan for the new employee and discuss the training timeline. Some training is mandatory and needs to be completed before the three-month orientation period has passed. Mandatory training (e.g., Code of Conduct and Ethics Training, Sexual Harassment) can be accessed through Sharklearn.

Other training may be required depending on the new employee's job position.

Training organized by human resources can be found here

Technology training can be found here