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Voluntary Separation Offer (VSO) Program

VSO Program Updates

In response to various requests from interested eligible faculty, OHR is pleased to announce the following benefits and privileges available to approved faculty members separating under the VSO Program.

We are pleased to announce that faculty members who are approved for the Voluntary Separation Offer will be eligible to continue to receive various University benefits. Additionally, faculty who are approved as emeritus faculty will be eligible to receive the benefits enumerated in the Emeritus Professor Policy.

Following their January 3, 2017 separation, faculty members approved for the VSO will be issued a new NSU Shark Card (ID Card) with the title of “Faculty-Retired”. This new SharkCard will allow these faculty members to access:

  • Current parking privileges
  • Retention of their current NSU email account and address
    • Those interested in doing so should contact Lial Knight in OIIT at (x) 24716 or   
  • RecPlex membership 
    • Those interested in either retaining or obtaining membership in the RecPlex should contact Tom Vitucci at X27304 or for further information. 
  • Alvin Sherman Library including circulation privileges currently provided to faculty members (e.g. six months check out time and no fines)
    • o Databases can be accessed by utilizing computers in the Alvin Sherman Library (ALS).Fischler, LAW and HSBE Emeritus Faculty will have remote access to ALS databases. In addition, LAW Emeritus Faculty will also have the same remotely access to specialized law databases which they currently enjoy. Anyone with status of adjunct faculty also will be able to access databases remotely.
  • Eligibility for Faculty Club membership
  • Abenity website ( which offers discounts on a variety of products/services. To receive notifications via email of special offers, sign up at
  • The new SharkCard will contain a SmartChip that has the ability to store a prepaid value directly on the card just like the current SharkCard.  For more information, see

A number of questions have been received by OHR regarding office space. The availability of office space at your School is subject to each Dean’s discretion and subject to facility utilization requirements and the School’s custom and practice of designating office space for current faculty and staff.

There may be other opportunities for the faculty member to remain engaged with his/her School following separation such as an adjunct faculty member or mentor. We encourage you to reach out to your Dean to initiate those discussions so that he/she is aware of your interest.

Information and Questions


First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
Diane Emery Managing Director, Total Rewards 27873
John Lapham Director of Compensation 27840
Joshua Appelt Manager, Employee Benefits 27884
Douglas Pachay Benefits Retirement Specialist 27811
Patricia Shim Administrative Assistant 27854


Plan Contact Phone Email
Continuon/ICUBA’s Retiree Administrator (866) 377-5102
Continuon/ICUBA’s COBRA Administrator (866) 377-5102
General ICUBA Benefit Questions
Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company (800) 351-7500
Policy Holder – Nova Southeastern University
Policy Number – GL 152576
AFLAC Supplemental Plans (954) 560-6000
LegalShield plans (954) 214-0327
TIAA (800) 842-2776
VALIC (800) 448-2542


For questions about eligibility for Medicare Part A or Part B, or applying for Medicare, call Social Security at 1-800-772-1213 or visit the local Social Security office.  To learn more about Medicare and Medicare Supplemental Plans,  Florida residents may also visit to find counseling locally.

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