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Benefit Elections and Eligibility Dates

Whether you are a new employee, or an employee who has recently become eligible for benefits, the ICUBA Benefit Portal is your go-to resource for managing your medical, dental, vision, flexible spending, and life insurance benefit elections at NSU. The ICUBA Benefit Portal provides single sign on access to review your medical insurance claims and statements, access flexible spending, prescription pharmacy information, and much more. 

Login to the ICUBA Benefit Portal at when you need to:

  • Make new benefit elections 
  • Submit a benefit election change request
  • Update your beneficiaries for life insurance
  • Review HRA and FSA balances
  • Review your medical insurance claims from BCBS
  • Review prescription pharmacy benefits
  • Access BlueRewards, powered by Rally, and 
New Employee Benefit Eligibility

If you are a new employee and eligible for benefits at NSU, you have 30 days from your date of hire to make elections. If you choose not to make benefit elections during your first 30 days, your next opportunity to enroll will be during NSU's Annual Open Enrollment period, or if you experience a qualified Life Event. 

Who is a benefit eligible employee?

  • Employees working at least 19.2 (but less than 28) hours per week can elect all benefits except medical
  • Employees working at least 28 hours per week can elect all benefits including medical

New Employee Benefit Effective Dates

If you are new to NSU or have recently become eligible for benefits as an NSU employee, there are a few things to keep in mind regarding your eligibility. Some benefits are effective immediately (on your date of hire), while others are effective after you meet certain employment milestones. 

  • Medical, Dental, Vision, and Flexible Spending eligibility begin on your date of hire
  • Life insurance is effective after successfully completing 90 days of employment
  • Disability benefits are effective after successfully completing 90 days of employment
  • 401(k) non-matched contributions can begin on the 1st of the month following your date of hire
  • 401(k) matched contributions can begin on the 1st of the month following your one-year anniversary 
New Employee Benefit Premium Collection

Premium for medical, dental, vision, and flex spending are collected retroactive to your date of hire. Keep the following in mind after making your benefit elections:

  • Coverage and premium are effective the date you begin working
  • If you begin working the 1st through the 15th of the month, premium collection begins immediately
  • If you begin working the 16th through the end of the month, premium collection begins the following month
  • NSU does not pre-collect premium and premium is collected for the actual month coverage occurs. The first two pay dates each month pay for that month’s premium

Retroactive premium collection may be required depending on your hire date and how long you wait to make your elections.

Benefit Election Changes after You're Hired

Generally, elections made to your medical, dental, vision, flexible spending, and optional life insurance benefits are irrevocable for the duration of the benefit plan year. There are special circumstances, outlined by the Internal Revenue Service, allowing employees to make mid-year benefit election changes, referred to as Life Events.

Life Events can include, but are not limited to, changes in marital status, changes in the number of eligible dependents (through birth or adoption), changes in spouse or dependent eligibility, and certain changes in employment status. Changes to benefits due to a life event must be consistent with each type of life event.

Life Event Consistency Example 1: An employee's dependent child ceases to be eligible for healthcare coverage under another plan, the employee may be permitted to change their current election to cover the dependent child on their healthcare coverage at NSU. However, the employee could not use this event to drop coverage for a spouse or another dependent currently covered under their healthcare plan. 

Life Event Consistency Example 2: An employee's change in status event is a divorce, the employee may be permitted to change their current elections to remove their spouse from their coverage, but may not use the divorce to drop coverage for themselves or another covered dependent.

Please note: Requests sent via email to the Office of Human Resources are not considered sufficient for changing benefit elections during the plan year. All election change requests must be initiated by the employee directly in the ICUBA Enrollment Portal at Documentation to support the change request must be uploaded to the Employee File in the ICUBA Portal before the life event is reviewed and approved. 

If documentation is not submitted before the end of the 30 day window the change request will be denied and rejected. 

For more information download the Qualifying Events/Special Enrollment Periods PDF. 

ICUBA Enrollment Portal Video


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