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Educational Publications

Below is the list of educational publications available for loan from the Center for Teaching and Learning


The people in the Audio Visual Department can enhance your lectures and presentations with a variety of resources: overhead projectors, slide projectors, microphones, easels, video projectors, etc. For a more complete list of their services, please visit the Audio Visual Department.

HPD Medical Library

The HPD Medical Library serves the informational needs of faculty and students. More than 300 medical textbooks are available online, along with more than 33,000 electronic journals. Reference services such as assistance in gaining access to resources, preparing bibliographies and instructional media, computer searches, journal alerting services, instruction for you and your students in searching techniques and assistance for your students with their assignments and projects are available.

Office of Academic Support and Facilities

The Office of Academic Support and Facilities Coordination is available to assist you in room scheduling and event coordination for campus events. They also coordinate housekeeping, maintenance, and A/V resources within the HPD and some services around campus for special events if requested. Faculty, Students, and Staff members wishing to reserve space or plan an event may obtain online reservation forms and extra information from Academic Support and Facilities.

Office of Innovation and Information Technology

For any kind of technology challenge you might face, the staff of OIIT are ready, willing, and able to help. Whether you have Blackboard questions, want to design a website for your department, or have a great idea for a multimedia presentation for your class – the best place to go for help is OIIT. Visit OIIT for a complete list of services.

New for fall 2008 is Tegrity, an online teaching tool available to faculty and used through WebCT to record, store and index online lectures, capturing all materials displayed on a computer screen. Recordings can include audio/video clips, web-cam images, PowerPoint presentations, document camera scans, annotations on a whiteboard, and display websites or links at selected points in the lecture. Lectures can be recorded from your desk or in an auditorium. The auditoriums have been wired to pick up student questions and instructors are free to move about the lecture hall while still being recorded (although he/she may get out of web-cam range). Once the recording has been made it will be uploaded to WebCT, where all the students in a class can access it throughout the length of the course. All Tegrity recordings are also automatically indexed, allowing for keyword searches which helps make the recordings an effective review tool. While Tegrity is not designed to replace synchronous web-based applications such as Elluminate, it can provide 24/7 access for students to pre-recorded lectures. Tegrity places lecture recording control in the instructor’s hands, in an easy to navigate and use format. For more information, please visit the IZone online at and search “Tegrity.” To schedule a Tegrity training session, please contact IZone Faculty Support Trainer Deborah Seepersaud at or 954-262-4961.

Office of Publications

The Office of Publications is the place to go for your printing projects. The staff of graphic designers, copywriters, editors, Web-graphic designer, and production coordinators assist in all phases of project design, editing, and production. Services are provided for a fee. For more information about services, visit the Office of Publications.

Copy Services

The Copy Center is an excellent resource for reproducing handouts, class notes, and presentations. In addition to black and white copying, they offer a wide variety of services: color copies, binding, laminating, cutting, folding and more. For a complete list of their services, visit Copy Services.

Statistical Consulting Center

Faculty and staff in the Statistical Consulting Center are available to perform statistical analyses, consult on research projects, and answer your statistical questions. In addition, they give a series of lunch-time seminars on a variety of statistical topics. For more information, visit the Statistical Consulting Center.

Technology Training

The staff of Technology Training services can help you learn Banner, WebCT, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and a variety of other programs. They provide classes at convenient times, have online tutorials for frequently asked questions, provide an electronic Help Desk, and will even come to your office in a pinch. If you feel daunted by the technological demands of your job, these are the people who can help. Visit Technology Training.

Testing Center

The Testing Center exists to serve all the testing needs of HPD faculty. Its staff will create and maintain banks of questions, create tests from those banks, make multiple copies of tests, score tests, provide analyses of tests and test questions, and create and maintain gradebooks. Visit the Testing Center.