The Department of Educational Development and Support exists to serve the faculty of Nova Southeastern University. It is composed of three sub-departments: the Center for Teaching and Learning, the Center for HPD Research, and the Testing Center.

Center for Teaching and Learning Services

  • Faculty development seminars throughout the academic year
  • Assessment of faculty performance
  • Faculty counseling for improvement of instruction
  • Rapid e-mail responses to faculty teaching questions
  • Publication of a faculty handbook
  • Books and videotapes on teaching available to loan
  • Annual new faculty orientation

Center for HPD Research Services

  • Maintenance of a database of HPD Research
  • Generation of reports on HPD researchers
  • Assessment of HPD students using the following instruments: Myers-Briggs Type Inventory, Scale of Intellectual Development, California Critical Thinking Skills Test, and Learning Style Profile.
  • Assistance in statistical analysis through our liaison with the Statistical Consulting Services
  • Assistance in guiding researchers through NSU research protocol through our liaison with the HPD Research Committee
  • Trouble-shooting for the Online Evaluation System, for both faculty and students.
  • Publication of monthly newsletter Focus on Research

Testing Center Services

  • Creation and maintenance of banks of test questions
  • Test creation
  • Test scoring
  • Item analysis
  • Gradebook maintenance