Our Mission

The mission of Nova Southeastern University Health Professions Division is to train primary care health practitioners in a multidisciplinary setting, with an emphasis on medically underserved areas.

The institutional premise is that health professionals should be trained in a multidisciplinary setting and, whenever possible, with integrated education. The University trains students in concert with other health profession students so that the various disciplines will learn to work together as a team for the good of the public's health. During their didactic work, students share campus facilities and, in some cases, have combined classes. In their clinical experiences, they work together in facilities operated by the University.

Furthermore, the Division aims to educate health care practitioners who will eventually increase the availability of health care in areas of Florida that suffer from health care shortages. The Division aims to alleviate some of these shortages by exposing the entire student body to the needs, challenges, and rewards of rural, underserved urban, and geriatric care. Existing curricula require all students to attend ambulatory care clerkships in rural or urban areas, or both, making Nova Southeastern University strongly oriented toward a pattern of training its students in areas geographically removed from the health center itself, and to the care of indigent and multicultural population groups.

In doing this, it developed training programs which address the primary care needs of the region's most medically underserved populations.