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Registering for Courses in WebSTAR

Once you log in to WebSTAR, you will see the general menu (as shown below):

Click on Student and you will see the following menu:

Click on Registration on the student menu. You will then see the registration menu, as shown below:

  1. Click on Select Term.
  2. Select the term you wish to register for in the drop down menu and click on Submit. You will be taken back to the registration menu.
  3. Click on Registration and Add/Drop Classes.
  4. Type the CRNs for the courses you wish to take in the spaces provided to you. When you are finished, click on Submit Changes.

 * Please Note:

  1. Once you've entered the CRN(s) and clicked Submit Changes, the page will refresh and you should see the course you just added show up above the Add Classes section.

    If you receive the error: "Course not within date range for part of term" this usually means that registration for this course has been closed. You will need to contact your academic advisor for assistance.