WebSTAR for Employees

Login Instructions

To access WebSTAR go to http://webstar.nova.edu. You will see the following menu:

WebSTAR Home Page

Please note the announcement on this Web page. If the system should ever go down due to scheduled maintenance you will see it announced here.

  1. Click on Enter Secure Area.
    WebSTAR Login screen
  2. Next to User ID: enter your NSU ID. For information on your NSU ID, please click here.
  3. Next to PIN: enter your 8-digit PIN. Click here for information on retrieving your PIN.
  4. Click on Login.
    **Please note: the first time you successfully log in to WebSTAR, you will be asked to set up a security question and answer. Please be sure to enter a question that will be secure - a question that only you can answer.

    "What color is the sky?" is not a secure question.

Once you successfully log in to the system, you will see a menu similar to the one shown below.

WebSTAR Employee Home Screen