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SharkLink Help

Below are links to policies, guidelines and some help material to get you started in SharkLink.

SharkLink FAQs

About SharkLink

SharkLink is an online information portal providing students and faculty and staff members with enhanced, streamlined access to NSU's computing resources and Web communication options. This portal allows a single login to provide the user with access to all the available applications including email, personal and shared Web calendars, online groups, and integration with WebSTAR, Blackboard, and other NSU applications.

A portal is a Web site that provides users with entrance to other sites on the Internet. The SharkLink portal will provide NSU users with convenient and personalized access to essential online university computing resources.

All current students, faculty and staff members, alumni, and former staff members will have access to the SharkLink.


The portal may be accessed from links on the main NSU Web site and all NSU school Web sites.

You will not need to sign up for SharkLink. As an existing NSU student or faculty or staff member, your access to SharkLink will be automatic.

To login to SharkLink, you will use your NSU email name as your SharkLink user name, and your NSU email password as your SharkLink password.

You can obtain your SharkLink ID by using the Retrieve Your SharkLink ID utility. New students and employees will receive their temporary password/NSU PIN via their alternate email address or U.S. Postal Service.

If you cannot remember your SharkLink password, you can contact the Online Computing Help Desk at (954) 262-HELP (4357) or (800) 541-NOVA (6682) ext. 24357, or to have it reset.

*Hours may vary during holidays.

Once you login to SharkLink, go to the Home tab and click on the Change your SharkLink Password link in the Personal Information channel.

For all students, faculty or staff members, and alumni, there is no charge for accessing the SharkLink portal.

The SharkLink portal is a secure Web system using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt all information transferred to and from your computer.


SharkLink contains a more convenient and functional email program than NSU's current Web mail program. Once you are logged into SharkLink, you can access your email without re-entering your username and password. You may also access your email by choosing an external program like Outlook that uses the IMAP or POP email protocols.

Once you login to SharkLink, select WebSTAR services. Then, follow the same course registration process you have used before.

Once SharkLink goes online, services such as WebSTAR and NSU WebMail will be accessible exclusively through the SharkLink portal. Many other services are planned to be available both inside and outside of the portal.

SharkLink channels are windows within the portal that present many types of information tailored to you, the individual user. You will have access to standard university information channels and will be able to subscribe to numerous special interest channels.

Online groups are areas within the SharkLink portal that allow SharkLink users to share information and ideas. Groups provide file sharing, message boards, calendars, group announcements, news, photos, links, email, chat, moderation, and delegation. To become a member of an online group, you may be required to subscribe before being admitted or be invited by the group leader.


SharkLink allows you to customize the layout of your channels. Most channels can be moved, minimized, or removed altogether. However, some university channels are mandatory and may not be altered or removed. There will be fun and informative channels that you can add or remove to make SharkLink your own.