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Managing OneDrive

OneDrive is a cloud based Microsoft service that was introduced to NSU users in 2012. Beginning July 11, 2013, Microsoft will be the sole administer for all Microsoft Live and SkyDrive accounts. As a result, NSU will not be able to guarantee the longevity of storage or help with utilities such as password management. Please take a moment to change your Live password and security settings if you plan to continue using your SkyDrive files or other features of your Live account.

Prior To Migration

It is strongly recommended that you login to your Microsoft Live account and change your password before July 11, 2013.

To change your Microsoft Live password:

After changing your password you should also update your security settings at

To update your Microsoft Live security settings:

  • Login to your Microsoft account at
  • On your account page, find PASSWORD AND SECURITY INFO
  • Tap or click EDIT SECURITY INFO
  • Update your security info

Microsoft frequently attempts to verify identity for users like college students who access their accounts from many different devices. If you plan to continue use of your Microsoft Live account and SkyDrive files, providing accurate contact and security data should be a priority. This will
allow you to utilize Microsoft’s selfservice password recovery portal and other security features.

Following Migration

After July 11, 2013, the NSU Help Desk will not be able to assist with SkyDrive or Microsoft Live account questions or password recoveries. Password reset and administration instructions are offered by Microsoft on their Support Page.

If you require additional assistance regarding your Skydrive, Microsoft maintains an extensive Help Center that houses reference materials.

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