Office 365 Transition
Frequently Asked Questions

This summer, NSU student and alumni email will be transitioned from Microsoft Live@edu to the Microsoft Office 365 platform, providing each account with additional email space, enhanced real time collaboration tools, and the ability to share and edit documents from any desktop PC, Mac or mobile device. Please see below for answers to the most common questions regarding this migration.

What is Office 365?
Office 365 is a bundled suite of products services from Microsoft that includes many online tools and software programs for users as well as streamlined administration tools for behind-the-scenes Univeristy account management. This platform enables additional account storage space and increased vendor support from Microsoft.
Who will be affected?
All NSU student and alumni accounts will be transitioned to the Office 365 platform from Live@edu.
When is the transition happening?
Student and alumni accounts will be migrating to Office 365 beginning June 28, 2013. The transition is expected to last 72 hours and there will be access to Live@edu email with minimal disruption during the transition period.
Will I still have email access during the transition?
Yes. Students should have full access to email during the 72 hour transition with minimal interruptions.
Why is NSU transitioning to Office 365?
This past January, Microsoft released Office 365 and mandated that all Live@edu student accounts would be transitioned to the new platform by June 30, 2013.
What are the benefits of migrating to Office 365?

After the migration to Office 365, NSU users will enjoy:

* Larger Mailboxes: Mailbox capacity will be increased to 25GB;

* Continuing access: to the latest versions of Office Web Apps and other Microsoft software;

* Improved collaboration and file sharing: with Microsoft SharePoint Online;

* Improved instant messaging and online meetings: with Microsoft Lync Online;

* Password Synchronization: Office 365 passwords will be synchronized with SharkLink and other NSU services. When a password is changed in Office 365, it will update to Sharklink, Blackboard and all other NSU services.
Will I still access my email the same way?
Following the transition, students will sign in directly to the Microsoft Outlook Web App via NSU SharkMail ( to view and send email. The SharkLink email icon on the University website will also link directly to the appropriate new login.
Will my existing password still work with the new system?
When migration occurs, you will still use your Live@edu password to log into the new Office 365 platform. If you’ve forgotten your Live@edu password, the NSU Help Desk will be available to assist in the transition.
Do I need to do anything to be ready for Office 365?
No. In most cases, personal devices that were compatible with Live@edu will continue to be able to run all Office 365 apps. Those wishing to verify that their personal devices meet Microsoft’s minimum requirements can follow the checklist provided on Microsoft's site regarding upgrading to Office 365 platform.
What will happen to my existing Live@edu SkyDrive files?
Live@edu SkyDrive services will remain available at and will be accessible with the same credentials, however, SkyDrive files will not be moved to the new Office 365 accounts. Students will need to make their own arrangements to download, email or otherwise backup their existing SkyDrive documents.
How long will my Live@edu SkyDrive files be accessible?
Following the transition, Microsoft will be the sole administer for all Live@edu and SkyDrive accounts. As a result, NSU will not be able to guarantee the longevity of storage or help with utilities such as password management.
What if I need help with my Live@edu SkyDrive after the migration?
Following the transition, Microsoft will be the sole administer for all Live@edu and SkyDrive accounts and all administration and service needs will have to go through Microsoft. Live@edu SkyDrive password reset and administration is offered by Microsoft on their self-service portal at
Who do I contact with other questions about the migration from Live@edu to Office 365?

* For general student and alumni account questions, please contact the NSU Help Desk: 954.262.HELP (4357), 800.541.6682, ext. 24357, or

* For administration and technical concerns, please contact Project Manager, Wayne Gooden (, x24958.