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SharkMail Updates

With the most recent upgrade to SharkMail, regular users of the Outlook Web App will discover a new Microsoft interface. More than just layout changes, these upgrades offer more versatile management options and enhanced features.

For an overview of the latest features, you may wish to review the article What’s New in Outlook Web App from Microsoft. Some highlights include:

  • Main navigation moved to the upper corner;
  • Connection to LinkedIn and Facebook accounts;
  • One-click access to filter messages and Conversations;
  • Drag and drop to add an attachment;
  • Refined searches;
  • Merged calendar views.

If you are uncomfortable with the new layout, or simply prefer a user experience that is closer to the previous Outlook Web App interface, you can try the “Light” version by following these steps:

To reset display settings to Older / “Light” OWA:

  • Click the gear menu at the top right and choose Display Settings
  • Click the Outlook Web App Version text
  • Check the Use the Light Version box
  • Click OK at the top
  • You will need to sign out and then log back in before these changes can take effect.


Other than familiarizing yourself with the new Outlook Web App layout, there are a few other things to be aware of:

I. During Upgrade
If you are logged in while the upgrade is being performed, you will likely be prompted to sign out and wait a short time before logging in again. It will take a short time for the servers to upgrade, so please be patient. If you are composing a draft, you may be unable to save your changes; copy and paste your work into another application to avoid losing any changes.

II. After Upgrade
After the upgrade you may notice a small delay the first time you log into your account via the Outlook Web App. If the App doesn’t load in 1-2 minutes, you may be using an older, unsupported browser. For more on issues with Outlook Web App and Older Browsers, see below.

Once the Outlook Web App loads, you should be prompted to confirm your default language and time zone. Language should auto-fill to English (United States) and time zone may or may not autofill to: (UTC - 05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada). If either of these does not fill correctly, please select them from the down down list. Click → SAVE to continue on when you are sure your settings are correct.

A. Older Browsers
If the Outlook Web App doesn’t load after a few minutes, first check to see if your browser is supported by visiting the Microsoft Supported Browsers for Outlook Web App page. If your browser is not supported, you will want to upgrade to a newer browser. If upgrading your browser isn’t possible, you can try utilizing the “Light” version of the OWA by signing into your account on a different machine with a supported browser and following these instructions:

To reset display settings to Older / “Light” OWA:

  • Click the gear menu at the top right and choose Display Settings
  • Click the Outlook Web App Version text
  • Check the Use the Light Version box
  • Click OK at the top
  • You will need to sign out and then log back in before these changes can take effect.

B. Junk / Spam Filters
There have been some reports that Microsoft has tweaked their Junk Mail filters with this upgrade, resulting in more aggressive filtering. For a few weeks following the upgrade, you should monitor your Junk Mail folder to be certain that desirable mail is not being flagged inappropriately.

C. Mobile Devices
Depending on your mobile device, you may have to relaunch or enter adjust mail setup information. You should find any instructions you need below, but additional information can also be found on the Phone and Tablet Setup Reference page of the Outlook Web App Help area.

Note: If you have to perform any setup activities, it is best to be on wifi to save on data usage.

1. iOS
Most iOS devices should update automatically, but you will need to manually quit and restart the Mail App on your iPad or iPhone before new changes take effect:

  • Double Tap the Home button to display the Active Apps Dock
  • Tap and Hold the Mail App in the Dock until it begins to jiggle
  • Tap the red spot on the Mail App to manually quit it
  • Tap the Home button to stop all other apps from jiggling
  • Relaunch your Mail App by tapping its icon

2. Windows Phone
If you are using a Windows 8 phone, it should detect the new server changes and update automatically.

If you are using a Windows 7 phone, you may need to delete and recreate your Outlook profile. Before doing so, try manually entering the new server address as: If your phone does not accept update after making that change, you will need to recreate your mail profile with the new server information.

3. Android
Most Android devices will automatically update themselves and only require a restart. If your device does not detect the new server, edit your account settings manually with the new server address: (Note that some devices will refer to this as the ActiveSync server).


Nova Southeastern University SharkMail utilizes a suite of cloud-based services provided by Microsoft Office 365. This allows the University to offer students secure web-based and mobile device access to multiple features, including:

  • 25GB Storage Space
  • Calendar Sharing
  • Collaboration and File Sharing (Microsoft SharePoint Online)
  • Instant Messaging and Online Meetings (Microsoft Lync Online)
  • Microsoft Office Web Applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote)

These services are available 24/7 and provided free to all SharkMail users. Below you'll find guides and resources to help you get started with Office 365, as well as instructions and links for utilizing all the services available to you.

Help & Additional Resources

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