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WebMail File Manager Instructions

To access the files in your NSU account, click the File Manager icon on the main toolbar. You will be taken to your "Root" folder.

WebMail File Manager Root Folder

To open a folder, click on its name. In the example below, we've clicked on the "public_html" folder.

WebMail File Manager Root Public HTML Folder

To go back to the previous folder, click the [Root] at the top.

To upload a file into one of your folders, first you have to open the folder. At the top of the window you will see the following:

WebMail File Manager Upload screen

Click the Browse button to find the file on your computer.

WebMail File Manager Browse File screen

Once you've found the file, you'll select it, then click Open. You will see the File 1: field has been populated. To find more files, click the Browse button next to the empty field (File 2: in the example below).

WebMail File Manager Upload Attachment File

When you've found all the files you wish to upload, click the Upload File(s) button.

To move files in your account from one directory to another, first put a check next to the file you wish to move.

WebMail File Manager Root Folder screen

  1. Click on the Actions drop down menu on the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  2. Choose Cut Items.
  3. Open the directory you want to move the file to. In this example, we've chosen the mail directory.
    WebMail File Manager Move File
  4. Click on the Actions drop down menu on the top right-hand corner of the screen. Choose Paste Items. You will see a confirmation at the top of the window.
    WebMail File Moved Successfully screen

To download a file from your NSU account to your computer, click the download icon (WebMail File Manager Download Icon) to the right of the file you wish to download.

WebMail File Manager Save Download screen

Click on Save, then choose the folder on your computer that you want to save this file to.

Please note: if you are downloading any files with this icon WebMail File Manager Text Icon in front of it, it is considered a mail folder and will be downloaded into a single text file that will be viewable using WordPad (not Notepad).