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Compose a WebMail Message

Composing a Message

Topics covered in this section:

Click on the Compose button located on the mail toolbar.

WebMail Messages Icon on Toolbar

The following window will appear.

WebMail Message Composition Screen

  1. In the To: field, enter the email address of the person/people you are sending the message to. If sending to more than one person, enter the email addresses separated by commas, spaces or semicolons.
    Note: If you are sending this to an NSU email address, you need only to enter their first or last name and click on Expand Names button. If you don't enter the full address, you must click on the Expand Names button or the email will not be sent to the correct address. This will search for any NSU student/staff member with that name. You will see the following:
    WebMail Resolve Addresses Screen
  2. Click on the drop-down menu and you will be able to select the email address for the NSU person you wish to correspond with. If you want to send a message to someone in your address book, click the Address Book icon under Charset and you will see the following popup window:
    WebMail Address Book Select Email Address Screen
  3. The addresses in your book will show up on the left-hand side. If you have many entries, you can search by typing the name in the Find field, then clicking Search. Click the name of the person you want to send the message to, then click either To >>, Cc >> or Bcc >>. When you're finished, click OK. You will be returned to the Compose window.
  4. Type the subject of the message next to the Subject: field.
    WebMail Message Option Screen
  5. If you want to save a copy of the message, put a check next to Save a copy in and select the folder you want to save the message to.
  6. If you want to request a read receipt, put a check next to that option. Please note: the recipient can still deny to send you back the receipt. It is only a request.
  7. If you would like a confirmation that the email was delivered, click Request Delivery Confirmation.
  8. If you would like to link attachments, put a check next to Link Attachments.
  9. To compose your message in HTML format, click Switch to HTML composition. The Text section will have a toolbar to choose from that will enable you to format your message. (See below)
    WebMail HTML Format Toolbar Screen
  10. Type your message in the Text section.
  11. Click on the Send Message button.

Note: If you would like to save the message and work on it later you can click on Save Draft. This will place the message in the drafts folder. To access it later, click on the Open Folder drop-down menu and select drafts.

WebMail Save Message Draft

This will bring you to the drafts folder where you can select your message, edit it and send it when it is completed.

  1. To spell-check the message before sending it, click on the Spell Check button in the Options toolbar. You will see the following window appear.
    WebMail Spell Checker Error Screen
  2. Choose one of the suggested words using the drop down menu or type in your own correction, then click the Change radial button. To change all instances of that word, select Change All. To ignore one instance of the spelling mistake, click Ignore. To leave the word alone, click Ignore All.
  3. Click Next to apply the changes or click Cancel to cancel the spell check and go back to the compose window.
    WebMail Spell Check Complete Screen
  4. Click on Done and you will be returned to the Compose window. The changes you made in spell-check will appear.

After composing your message, scroll to the bottom of the Compose window.

WebMail Attachments screen

Note: If you do not see the Attachment section try maximizing the window and scrolling down to the very bottom of the page. If you still do not see it, try moving the entire window as far up as possible.

  1. Click on the Browse button, located to the right of the Attachment field. The following window will appear.
    WebMail File Browser screen
  2. Select the file you wish to attach and click on Open. The filename will appear in the Attachment field as shown below.
    WebMail Attachment selected screen
  3. Click on Attach. Information for the file will show up as shown below:
    WebMail Attachment successfully attached screen

Note: To delete the attachment put a check next to "Delete" and click Update Attachment Information.