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Address Book | WebMail Help

On the main toolbar, click on the Address Book icon. You will be brought to the Basic Search function (shown below):

WebMail Address Book Toolbar

To bring up all entries in your Personal Address Book, leave the Matching field blank, select Personal Address Book in the From drop down menu, then click Search.

To find the email address of an NSU user, enter their name (first and last) in the Matching field, leave the From field as Nova Southeastern University Users Directory, then click Search.

Please note: if you are doing multiple searches, you may want to click the Clear Search button between queries. Otherwise, the results from all your searches will be compiled in one list.

Once you've found an address in the NSU Users Directory, you can put a check next to their name, select your Personal Address Book in the drop-down menu, then click Copy.

This will copy their information into your Personal Address Book.

To add a new contact, click the Add button on the main toolbar at the top.

WebMail Add New Contact Screen

Choose the address book you would like to add the contact to, then click Add. The following will be displayed:

WebMail New Contact Details Screen

Enter as much information as you'd like, then click Add.

Please note: the Name and Email fields are required.

We recommend adding users to your Personal Address Book before creating the Distribution List. This will make the process much easier. Once this has been done, open up your Personal Address Book (by leaving the Basic Search fields blank, then selecting Personal Address Book, the clicking Search).

WebMail Search Results Screen

Select the users you would like to add to your Distribution list by putting a check next to their names.

Towards the top right-hand corner of the results window, click the Select List drop down menu and choose the list you would like to add the users to. If you don't have any lists set up, click New List.

Click Add to.

WebMail Add Distribution List Screen

Type a name for the list you are creating, then click OK.

Now, if you search your address book again, you will see a new entry (as shown by the example below):

In this example, the distribution list name is "Friends". You can tell it is a list by the icon to the left of the name.

When composing a message to your list, all you have to do is type the list name, then click Expand Names for them all to show up.

Do a blank Basic Search in your Personal Address Book. This will show you all of your contacts.

WebMail Address Book Search Results Screen

  • To delete a contact, put a check next to their name, then click Delete.
  • To edit a contact's information, click on the paper and pencil icon to the right of the checkbox.