Dr. Lynne Bryant is currently an associate professor in the College of Nursing and teaches in the graduate program. Dr. Bryant received a BSN from University of Maryland. Her MSN is from the University of Pennsylvania, with a major in Adult Health Nursing and a minor in Nursing Education. Dr. Bryant received an Ed.D. from Florida International University with a major in Higher Education.

Dr. Bryant's professional experience is varied. She has worked as a staff nurse and as a research associate. Her background in administration includes positions as an assistant head nurse, head nurse, administrative supervisor and an assistant director of nursing. In the field of education, Dr. Bryant has taught in diploma, associate degree, baccalaureate, master’s and PhD degree programs and received an endowed teaching chair and a Title III mini-grant. Dr. Bryant has been a speaker at national education conferences and has co-authored a chapter on evidence-based practice which was published in Teaching Nursing: The Art and Science. She also co-authored an article about multicultural education, published in the Journal of Professional Nursing.

Dr. Bryant serves as the College of Nursing Discipline Head for the GREAT GEC.