Research and Publications

The GREAT GEC has an active research team that is currently engaged in interdisciplinary projects that span a variety of healthcare topics. Below is a listing of accepted publications:


Evidence Based Diabetes Project - Diabetes Project – Next Steps. Please click here to read the article.

Dr. Cecilia Rokusek from the College of Osteopathic Medicine was featured in an article we arranged in the May/June issue of Florida Medical Business titled “Geri EDs a Concept for the Future.” Please click here to view the online edition. The article begins on page 8 and you can see a nice photo and call-out quote from Dr. Rokusek on page 13.

Naushira Pandya, MD, CMD; Esther Nathanson, MD.; Managing Diabetes in Long-Term Care Facilities: Benefits of Switching from Human Insulin to Insulin Analogs, Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, Summer 2009.

Jacquelyn Browne, PhD, Jim Hibel, PhD; Learning the Many Meanings of Family: Contemporary Perspectives for Elders, The Older LEARNer, a quarterly publication of the American Society on Aging, Summer 2008.

Richard A. Marasco, BS Pharm, FASCP, CGP, HRM; Luis F. Samos, MD; Naushira Pandya, MD, CMD; The Challenges and Opportunities of Managing Diabetes in Long-Term Care, Symposium Reporter, May 2008.

Charles Cefalu, MD, MS; Jeffrey R. Curtis, MD, MPH; Naushira Pandya, MD, CMD; Managing Osteoporosis: Real Life Issues, Symposium Reporter, September 2007.

Naushira Pandya, MD, Stephen Thompson, MS, and Usha Sambamoorthi, PhD; The Prevalence and Persistence of Sliding Scale Insulin Use Among Newly Admitted Elderly Nursing Home Residents With Diabetes Mellitus, Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, July 2008.

Naushira Pandya, Brahim Bookhartb, Samir H. Modyb, Paula A. Funk Orsinic and Gregory Reardon; Study of anemia in long-term care (SALT): prevalence of anemia and its relationship with the risk of falls in nursing home residents, Current Medical Research and Opinion: Vol. 24, No. 8, 2139–2149, 2008.

Heidi Wagner, OD, MPH, Joseph J. Pizzimenti, OD, Karen Daniel, PharmD, CDE, Naushira Pandya, MD, CMD, and Patrick C. Hardigan PhD; Eye on Diabetes: A Multidisciplinary Patient Education Intervention, The Diabetes Educator, 34, 84, 2008.

Clinical Guidelines

Cushing’s Syndrome: An Endocrine Society Clinical Practice Guideline, The Endocrine Society’s Clinical Guidelines

What Practitioners Should Know About Working With Older Adults, American Psychological Association