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Parent Family Alliance



You have successfully navigated the first 12 (or more) years of your child's primary and secondary education. Now your student is embarking on the next phase of their transition to adulthood. While there are many similarities to their earlier educational experiences, there are also many differences. Colleges expect students to be independent and to make responsible decisions in order to be successful.

We have created the Parent and Family Alliance to help keep you connected to NSU and informed on the many opportunities available to your student. Your guidance and coaching is important in helping your student maximize their college experience.

It is my hope that you use this site as a resource for ideas and information to help support your student. Please check out the "Parent Resources Page" for some interesting articles and books that may help you and your student during this transition. Please contact me if we can assist you during these transitions. If you would like us to send email updates and a weekly "Transitions E-newsletter" please provide us with your information HERE!

As a parent of two college students, I understand many of the issues you are facing and hope to be a resource for you during this adjustment period. Please email me at with any questions or recommendations to improve this site.

Best wishes, to you and your students' success at NSU!

Go Sharks!

Dr. Dan Sullivan
Director of First Year and Transitional Programs

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