What is "Do Something Different?"

Simply put, the “Do Something Different” initiative is a grassroots effort of concerned members from all levels of the NSU community who came together to inspire and incite social change. The group’s goal is to create a campus environment that is respectful and inclusive; invite human diversity of every sort, and encourage members to join the efforts to create this community.

The Goal

Create a new consciousness at NSU around multiculturalism and establish a campus-wide movement that honors diversity and promotes behavior that demonstrate this new consciousness; to make living with and acceptance of difference a non- issue; to realize the King/Gandhi ideal of unity, beginning with ourselves, extending to our campus, our city, our county, …

Action Goal

To inspire and remind the NSU community to do something qualitatively different when it comes to diversity, by purposely and strategically creating awareness and offering plans of action for necessary behavioral change. Go to our Blog and share with other ideas for how we may act to realize this goal http://blogs.nova.edu/dosomethingdifferent/


To invite and involve every School/Center, Department,  Student and Student Organization, Faculty, and Staff member to  participate in the DSD movement.

Why NSU and DSD?

It is our obligation as a center of higher learning to create and brand an inclusive community—we owe it to ourselves and to the learning, thinking community to represent what it really means to be educated. We must be involved in DSD not simply in response to our diverse demographics (local and national), but also as reflexive practitioners. So, we are compelled to be proactive and enthusiastic in our engagement of multicultural and diversity affairs. DSD is our legacy to higher education. It is a noble standard from which we challenge ourselves and other like-minded institutions to simply do something different (ly).