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With a focus on learning, we employ a range of strategies to support innovation, collaboration across centers, and university-wide discussion and decision-making


Fifteenth Annual Grant Winners 2014-2015


An Analysis of Global Leadership Competencies in Action in the Dominican Republic


H. Wells Singleton, Ph.D. (FSE)

Faculty and Students

Eduardo Raul Rivas Ed.D. (FSE)
Angela Mendez, MS (FSE)


The proposed project will analyze Global Leadership Competencies in Action. Of particular interest is the identification of global leadership competencies and skills that are consistently demonstrated in establishing effective partnerships across not-for-profit and government organizations as they seek to address citizenry social welfare, educational needs and other public issues in their region of focus. The project outcomes will provide a detailed qualitative description of these competencies and of the common descriptors of the leaders and organizations in question. Interviews and focus-group approaches will be used to collect information and participant responses. Global leadership competencies in support of strategic partnerships and boundary spanning behaviors are among the least studied areas in the field of global leadership. In most cases, the focus has been to examine boundary spanning behaviors across suppliers, customers and vendors in the business sectors. Few have considered what is required of the global leader who must navigate multiple partnerships across the not-for-profit and government sectors to achieve social purpose strategic goals. This project will explore the underlying dimensions of these leadership skills and capabilities as exhibited by leaders across three NGOs and local governments who are required to work together in partnership to address a significant global issue impacting on the wellbeing and prosperity of the country. The Dominican Republic was selected as the site for this research due to its commitment to leadership development. Nova Southeastern University has been highly successful in the development and delivery of graduate programs within the Dominican Republic. The grant partnership between Nova Southeastern University and Royal Roads University (serving as collaborating institution) will serve to harness the expertise of both participating professors and provide for an effective partnership that in turn will produce a worthwhile study in the field of global leadership.