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With a focus on learning, we employ a range of strategies to support innovation, collaboration across centers, and university-wide discussion and decision-making


Eighth Annual Grant Winners 2007-2008

1. Title: The Hua Matrix Equality and Determinantal Inequalities

Fuzhen Zhang, Ph.D. - FCAS
Geroge Styan - McGill University
Jennifer Novak, Student - FAR & HPD-OPT

Don Rosenblum, Dean - FCAS

2. Title: Marital Therapy for Couples at Risk with One or More Children Diagnosed with Autism

Manny Gonzalez-Abreu, Ph.D. - MSI
Tommie Boyd, Ph.D. - SHSS
Brian Freedman, Ph.D. - MSI

Wendy Masi, Dean - MSI

3. Title: Social Capital, Performance and the Internationalization of Emerging Market Firms

Ramdas Chandra, Ph.D. - SBE
Ruth Clarke, Ph.D. - SBE
Marcilio Machado, D.B.A. - Fucape-Fundacao Capixaba de Pesquisa

Randy Pohlman, Dean - SBE

4. Title: Real-Time Quantitative Analysis of Marine and Other Organismal mRNA Transcriptome

Jose Lopez, Ph.D. - OSC

Richard Dodge, Dean - OSC

5. Title: Studies on the Efficacy of Multipurpose Contact Lens Disinfecting Solutions

Scott Schatz, PhD, OD - HPD-OPT
Harold Laubach, PhD - HPD-MED
Jose Lopez, Ph.D. - OSC
Andrew Rogerson, Ph.D. - Marshall University

David Loshin, Dean - HPD-OPT

6. Title: The Effects of a Writing Scoring Guide and a Student Model on Writing

Sarah Ransdell, Ph.D. - HPD - ALL
Deborah Seepersaud, - OIT

Richard Davis, Dean - HPD-ALL

7. Title: The Creation of Tissue Engineering Scaffolds at NSU

Peter Murray, Ph.D. - HPD-DEN
Franklin Garcia-Godoy, DDS, MS - HPD-DEN
Chun-Yuh Huang, Ph.D. - HPD-DEN

Robert Uchin, Dean - HPD-DEN

8. Title: Evaluating the Efficacy of the "Parents Activate Literacy Skills (PALS)" Program

Sarah Valley-Gray, Psy.D. - CPS
Ralph Cash, Ph.D. - CPS
Nurit Sheinberg, Ed.D. - MSI
Debbie Kay, M.A. - MSI
Wilma Robles-Melendez, Ph.D. - FSEHS
Amii Corbisiero, Student - M.S.
Colleen Cullen, Student - M.S.
Erin Grubbs, Student - B.S.
Eva Benmeleh, Student - B.S.
Amy Fishgold, Student - M.S.
Cassandra Marcelo, Student - B.A.

Karen Grosby, Dean - CPS

9. Title: Predictors and Consequences of Long-Term Recovery in Narcotics Anonymous

Christian DeLucia, Ph.D.- CPS
Craig Marker, Ph.D. - CPS
Stephen Beckjord, Student- CPS
Caroline Ducoin, Student - CPS
Duane Kahn, Student - CPS

Karen Grosby, Dean - CPS

10. Title: Field Testing Sonar Fishfinders for Manatee Avoidance Technology

Edward Keith, Ph.D. - OSC

Richard Dodge, Dean - OSC

11. Title: The Effect of Peripheral Vision on Myopia

Bai-Chuan Jiang, Ph.D.
Xuehan Qian - Tianjin Medical University
Shiqiang Yang - Tianjin Medical University

David Loshin, Dean - HPD-OPT 

12. Title: Construction of Metal-organic Frameworks with Potential for Hydrogen Gas Storage

Donald Baird, Ph.D.
Pat Blackwelder, Ph.D. - OSC
Phillip Fanwick, Ph.D.  - Purdue University
Kevin Belfield, Ph.D. - University of Central Florida
Jerome Haky, Ph.D. - Florida Atlantic University

Donald Rosenblum, Dean - FCAS

13. Title: Knowledge and Perceptions of Educators on Bullying and Bullying Prevention

Meline Kevorkian, Ed.D. - FSEHS
Pat Blackwelder, Ph.D. - OSC
Phillip Fanwick, Ph.D. - Purdue University
Kevin Belfield, Ph.D. - University of Central Florida
Jerome Haky, Ph.D. - Florida Atlantic Universtiy

H. Wells Singleton, Dean - FSEHS

14. Title: Outcomes of an Interdisciplinary Therapy Program for Children with Disabilities

Rebecca Rosenthal, J.D. - HPD-ALL
Eric Shamus, M.S., Ph.D. - HPD-OST
Melissa Tovin, M.A., Ph.D. - HPD-ALL
Sarah Valley-Gray, Psy.D. - CPS
Mary Ann Lowe, SLP.D. - FSEGR
Julia Harper, OTR, M.A. - Therapeeds Inc./Camp Integrations
Dena Paige, Student - HPD-ALL

Richard Davis, Dean - HPD-ALL

15. Title: Correction of Jaccard Similarity Index for Chance Agreement in Cluster Analysis

Ahmed Albatineh, Ph.D. - FCAS

Donald Rosenblum, Dean - FCAS

16. Title: Lifestyle Design for Children's Physical, Nutritional, Social and Spiritual Fitness

Elysa Roberts, Ph.D. - HPD-ALL
Sheama Krishnagiri, Ph.D. - HPD-ALL
Cyril Blavo, D.O. - HPD-OST

Richard Davis, Dean - HPD-ALL

17. Title: Quality Enhancement Program for the NSU Institutional Review Board

David Thomas, M.D.- HPD-OST
Josephine Shallo-Hoffman, Ph.D. - HPD-OPT

Anthony Silvagni, Dean - HPD-OST

18. Title: Learning Differences: Training Personnel to Facilitate Competence

Rhoda Levine, SLP.D. - USL
Nadine Barnes, Ed.D. - USL
Wren Newman, SLP.D., CCC-SLP - FSEHS
David Krasky, Psy.S. - USL
Erica Friedland, Aud., CCC-A - HPD-HBC
Sandee Dunbar, DPA, OTR/L - HPD-ALL
Kristen Cunningham, Psy.D. - CPS
Gabriela Barrera - OIT
Lisa Chancey, M.Ed. - USL
Sonia Kay Ph.D., OTR-L - Renaisance Learning Center

Jermone Chermak, Dean - USL

19. Title: Bone Regeneration in Cleft Palate by Posnatal Stem Cells and BMP-2 Treatment

Chun-Yuh Huang, Ph.D. - HPD-DEN
Eric Stelnicki, MD - HPD-DEN
Franklin Garcia-Godoy, DDS, MS - HPD-DEN
Peter Murray, B.Sc. (Hons), Ph.D. - HPD-DEN

Robert Uchin, Dean - HPD-DEN

20. Title: Role of the JAK2/STAT3 Pathway in Angiotensin II Signaling in Rat Astrocytes

Umadevi Kandalam, Ph.D. - HPD-PHAR
Michelle A. Clark, Ph.D. - HPD-PHAR

Andres Malave, Dean - HPD-PHAR

21. Title: Vascular Dysregulation During And After Statins Withdrawal: Role Of Small Gtpases

Ana Maria Castejon, Ph.D. - HPD-PHAR
Luigi X. Cubeddu, Ph.D. - HPD-PHAR

Andres Malave, Dean - HPD-PHAR