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With a focus on learning, we employ a range of strategies to support innovation, collaboration across centers, and university-wide discussion and decision-making


PFRDG Application Review Process by NSU Librarians

Proposal reviews are provided as an optional service by NSU librarians to assist faculty in the PFRDG proposal preparation process. The purpose of these reviews is to improve the completeness of applications, and to help faculty craft applications that follow PFRDG guidelines.

Please feel free to contact the PFRDG Librarian Volunteers from the list provided below:

Name Library Email Title
Joana, Fernandez ASL Reference and Instruction Librarian I
Allison, George ASL Reference Librarian I
Dawn, Harper ASL Distance and Instructional Services Librarian I
Sarena, Hicks ASL Reference and Instruction Librarian I 
Melinda, Johnson HPD Liaison: Health Care Sciences, Physician Assistant
Melissa, Johnson ASL Reference/Subject Specialist for Social Sciences
Michelle, Keba ASL Distance and Instructional Services Librarian I
Kimberli, Kidd ASL Adult Services Programming Librarian
Kristin, Kroger HPD Liaison: Osteopathic Medicine, Medical Sciences
Todd, Puccio HPD Director of Technical Services
Nora, Quinlan ASL Director of Reference and Instructional Library Services
Laura, Ramirez ASL Assistant Director of Instruction
John, Reynolds HPD Liaison: Dental Medicine, Pharmacy
Alison, Rosenberg LAW Head of Outreach Services 
Brian, Ryckman ASL Distance & Instructional Services Librarian II
Jamie, Segno ASL Reference/Outreach Librarian II
Elena, Soltau ASL Assistant Director of Reference

*Please Note: Methodological Design will not be reviewed, and for this section and all scientific aspects of PFRDG projects, faculty is strongly urged to request a scientific review from their peers. The contents of all proposals will be kept confidential. Ultimately, all decisions regarding the contents of a PFRDG proposal are solely the responsibility of the proposal's author.