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NSU Library’s Circle of Friends stirs up “Discourse”

The Alvin Sherman Library, Research, and Information Technology Center’s Circle of Friends is inaugurating Discourse, a series of intelligent discussions on the issues and challenges of 21st century living.  The first lecture will be held on Sept. 29, 9:00-11:00 a.m., in the Alvin Sherman Library.

The series will begin with Source Global On-Demand CEO, Tom Eggleston, and Nanjing USA Managing Partner, Mano B. Howard, who will discuss globalization and the impact China’s economy is having on the world.

The 2006-2007 Discourse season will feature:

September 29 – Made in the USA:  Where Are We Now?                   
Should we care that China has opened its doors to capialist ventures? Does the growth of industry in Asia have an impact on the cost of goods in Broward County? Are jobs also being affected locally?  Eggleston and Howard will examine the impact of the global shift in manufacturing and employment and discuss the road ahead.

October 26 -“A Bird in the Hand” 
Former State Health Officer for the Florida Department of Health Dr. James Howell and Director of the Palm Beach County Health Department , Dr. Jean Marie Maleki will speak of current health concerns, including the avian flu and the potential for a human pandemic, as well as what that might mean to us here in South Florida. 

January 25 - “American Idol”-atry: Why Americans idolize celebrity
Why the hoopla over Bennifer and Branjelina? Why do more people vote for American Idol than for the President of the U.S.? Anthropologist Dr. S. Elizabeth Bird and Geoff Leval, Executive Producer of Deco Drive on WSVN share their insights on fame and the fascination with celebrity.

February 22 - “Doctor, I have a Pain in My Pocketbook”
Today, an increasing number of women earn more than their partners. How do women’s changing economic roles and power affect spouses, children and their own well-being? Certified Financial Planner Carolyn Brewer from Wachovia Wealth Management and Dr. Kate Waites share their knowledge on financial topics important to today’s families.

Cost of attendance for the series is $300 for Circle of Friends members, and $400 for non-members. All proceeds from Discourse benefit the Circle of Friends’ “Creating a Visual Legacy Campaign.”  For more information, or to expand your horizons through Discourse, please call Elaine Blattner at 954-262-4621.


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