Master of Biomedical Sciences

Welcome to the 2010 Entering Class of Nova Southeastern University, College of Medical Sciences.

The Dean, Dr. Harold Laubach, and the faculty of the College of Medical Sciences look forward to meeting you at orientation on Friday, July 30. Orientation will include a breakfast and meetings with our faculty, administration, and former Biomedical Science students. You will also receive your final schedules at this time.

Classes begin on Monday, August 2 for the Dental tract MBS and Wednesday, August 4 for the Medical tract MBS.

Medical track students will be taking Biochemistry, Gross Anatomy, Histology, Physiology, and MBS seminar.

Dental Track students will be taking Biochemistry, Gross Anatomy, Histology, Microbiology, and MBS seminar.

Information has been sent to your emails regarding registration as well as pertinent information that is required prior to the beginning of the semester.

To help you adjust to the rigors of the Biomedical Sciences Program, I recommend that you contact a few of the former students of our program. The students’ contact information has already been provided to you. The students will be happy to answer your questions about the program, including how to study for classes, which books to use and provide information about dress code and attendance.

If you have any questions, you may also contact me at (954) 262-1341 or e-mail me at lorib@nova.edu. If I cannot answer your concerns, I will refer you to someone who can. If I am unavailable on the day that you call, Dr. Howard Hada, the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, can be reached at (954) 262-1392 or e-mail him at hada@nova.edu to assist you.

I look forward to seeing you on July 30.


Lori Dribin, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Professor of Anatomy
College of Medical Sciences
Nova Southeastern University