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The Vice President for Finance, Alyson Silva MAC, CPA, as the University's Chief Financial Officer, together with the assistance of her staff, is responsible for preparing financial reports for appropriate institutional officials, board officers, and outside agencies. Written monthly operating reports are provided to the University president, the Board of Trustees Finance Committee, and the full Board of Trustees.

The Vice President for Finance together with NSU management is responsible for preparing the University's annual audited financial statements certified by Ernst & Young LLP the independent Certified Public Accountants engaged by the University.

Monthly reports are also produced for academic deans and administrative department heads for the purpose of reviewing the accuracy and propriety of revenue and expense transactions made to their accounts. These reports show monthly and year-to-date revenues, expenditures, and net revenues by account. Additionally, they present the original annual budget and revised budgets for these accounts.

The Vice President for Finance oversees Budget Administration, Risk Management, Treasury Operations, and the Controllers Offices, that includes Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets, Contract and Grant Accounting, and Payroll. The University's risk management program employs several techniques to ensure proper, adequate, and cost-effective insurance coverage, including risk reduction, risk transfer, and self-insurance.

In addition, Treasury Operations is responsible for monitoring the University's endowment funds in accordance with a written investment policy and guidelines approved by the Board of Trustees. The money managers for Endowment investments are managed by the financial firm of Bank of New York, as custodian.

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Alyson Silva Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer (954) 262-5258 (954) 262-1540 Email
Iris Montero Executive Assistant to VP (954) 262-5290 (954) 262-1540 Email