Budget Administration

Frequently Asked Questions

Account Codes and Balance

How do I find my account balance?

Log into the Banner system, go to Form #FGIBDSS or FGIBDST and enter index code, click on next block.

How do I know when to use a Banner Journal Entry form or a Budget Transfer form?

Banner Finance Access

How do I obtain access to view the Banner Finance system?

See your supervisor for a form or call Amanda Dowell in Budget, extension 5253.

How do I acquire Training?

Visit NSU's Technology Training website to register for training.

Check Requests and Purchase Orders

How do I know whether to use a Check Request or a Purchase Order?

For most purchases of materials and services, the purchase order is the appropriate order method. A purchase order is also used for conference and hotel reservations, or when an activity has to be paid for in advance. Please refer to the Materials and Services Procurement Matrix for further information. A Check Request is used for travel advances (if you do not use a corporate credit card) and when merchandise has been received and an invoice is attached.

How do I know if a Purchase Order number has been assigned?

Go to Form #FGIOENC in the Banner system, type in index code and click on next block or contact Purchasing at ext. 8841.

How do I know if a Purchase Order or Check Request has been paid?

Go to Form #FAIVNDH in the Banner system, type in Vendor Number, or click on Gray Vendor Bar to do a search or contact Accounts Payable.

Where do I send my completed check request?

Send check requests directly to the Budget Office, where they will be authorized and passed to Accounts Payable for direct processing. Check requests under $200 will be passed immediately to Accounts Payable without checking.

Where do I send my Purchase Order Request?

Send your order requests to the Purchasing Department for review and approval. Upon authorization, a number will be assigned and the order will be encumbered and processed pending budget approval.