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Travel Expenditures and Guidelines

Air and Ground Travel Arrangements

The Travel Office provides basic travel services for faculty, staff and students and maintains an office at 1425C SE 17th Street, Ft Lauderdale, FL 33316. All air, sea or land travel for NSU business must be coordinated through this office. Contact the agents at (954) 262-8888. Any travel arrangement made other than through the Travel Office is subject to nonreimbursement.

Reservations are requested at least 21 days prior to departure. Airlines are guaranteed to be reliable and economical. First class travel is not authorized. Any upgrades are paid by the traveler.

Trips to destinations in excess of 300 miles should not be made by automobile unless:

  • Three or more travelers share a van;
  • Traveling with excessive baggage, too cumbersome to carry on plane;
  • Frequent stops.

Car Rentals

Car rental arrangements are to be made through the Travel Office. If the traveler will be sharing in the driving, this needs to be declared when making the reservations and picking up the vehicle. The rental should be for business use only. If a theft occurs due to negligence, NSU's insurance carrier can negate coverage.

Meals and Lodging

Meals and lodging expenses will be covered for reasonable amounts. Reimbursements require detailed receipts and approval by supervisor or department head.

Travel Advances

A travel advance can be provided to the occasional traveler, who either cannot afford to pay and subsequently be reimbursed or does not wish to be reimbursed upon return. Amounts requested should cover meals, taxis, tips, and miscellaneous. Hotel lodging and conference fees should be prepaid with a check request to keep the travel advance amount at a reasonable, manageable level.

Travel advances must be settled within 30 days after travel is completed. No further advances will be issued until prior monies are accounted for and/or returned. Any outstanding balance owed to NSU may be deducted from future reimbursements and/or salary earned until the balance is collected in full.

Travel Related Forms

  • Travel Reservation Request
    This form needs to be filled out and approved by your supervisor when you travel on behalf of NSU. Once approved, the form needs to be faxed by the Center/Department to the Travel Office. A follow-up call needs to be made in order to make the actual travel arrangements. Travel Reservation Request Forms can be obtained through Ariba.
  • Travel Expense Report
    This form needs to be filled out and signed by the traveler before forwarding it to the Center/Department. Supporting receipts must be attached in order to be reimbursed.

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