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Curriculum Requirements | Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy First-Professional Program

Below are the requirements for entry into the program as well as the professional curriculum. Enrollment is open for Fall. Please fill out the VIP form for inquiries and to begin the application process.


(Prerequisites Subject to change without notice)

Humanities 6
Social/Behavioral Sciences 6
Math (higher than level 1040 one of which must be College Algebra) 6
Written communication @ 1500 level or higher 6
*Human Anatomy & Physiology 1&2 w/ Lab 8
*Microbiology w/ Lab 4
*Physics 1 w/ lab 4
*General Chemistry w/lab 4
Medical Terminology 1
* These courses will meet the Natural and Physical Science General Education requirement of 6 credits

Highly Recommended Courses

Genetics 3
Organic/ Inorganic Chemistry w/ lab 4

NSU Professional Curriculum

Semester 1 (Fall) 16 weeks
RCP 3002 Cardiopulmonary A&P w/lab 3
RCP-3003 Fundamentals of Respiratory Care / Lab 4
RCP-3004 Respiratory Basics & Patient Assessment w / Lab 4
BHS 4031 Statistics for Health Sciences 3
Semester 2 (Winter) 18 weeks
RCP-3501 Clinical 1 (One 8 hr. day/wk. for 10 weeks) 1
RCP-3007 Pulmonary Disease 3
RCP-3008 Pharmacology for Respiratory Therapy 3
RCP-3009 Patient Monitoring w/ Lab 4
RRT- 4009 Legal and Ethical Considerations in Respiratory Care 3
Semester 3 (Summer) 12 weeks
RCP-3502 Clinical 2 Two 12 hr. days/wk. for 10 weeks 3
RCP-3011 Mechanical Ventilation w/lab 4
RCP-3012 Cardiopulmonary Diagnostics and PFT w/ lab 3
RCP-3013 Human and Infectious Disease (non-pulmonary) 3
Semester 4 (Fall) 16 weeks
RCP-4501 Clinical 3. Three 12 hour days/wk. for 10 weeks 5
RCP-4001 Neonatal/Pediatric Respiratory Care w/Lab 4
RCP-4002 Cardiopulmonary Technology/Specialties 3
RCP-4003 Alternate Respiratory Disciplines 3
Semester 5 (Winter) 18 weeks
RCP-4502 Clinical 4. Three 12 hr. days/wk. for 10 weeks 5
RRT 4006 Leadership and Management in Respiratory Care 3
RCP-4100 Clinical Seminar 1 2
RCP-4005 Healthcare Research and Evidence-Based Practice 3
Semester 6 (Summer) 12 weeks
RCP-4503 Specialization Clinical 5
Three 12 hr. days/wk for 10 weeks
RCP-4101 Clinical Seminar 2 1
Total Professional Program Credits 75
Total Prerequisites and Professional Credits 120

(Program requirements and curriculum are current as of June 2014. Requirements are subject to change without notice).

The Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy completion program is an established program within the College of Health Care Sciences at NSU.  The Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools accredits Nova Southeastern University to award associates, bachelors, masters, educational specialist, and doctoral degrees.  Nova Southeastern University was first accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) as Nova University in 1971. Please see the SACS Web site for more information.

The program is accredited by the CoARC. Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care

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NO.  This program is designed to be on campus.

2 years full time.

No. This program is Fill time Monday through Friday.

Yes. Please contact Financial Aid.


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