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The Research Academy is designed to enable faculty members to further develop their skills in evaluating and conducting research, as well as participate in grant-related activity. The Research Academy offers two different courses: Evidence-based Practice and Research Grant Preparation. Through innovative online teaching and learning processes, the Research Academy offers several different tools to enhance skills related to building and refining research skills.

This track will help faculty who are teaching clinical content to gain skills and enhance appreciation of evidence-based practice resources and strategies to implement and teach evidence-based practice in their respective disciplines. Learning module topics include appraising evidence and incorporating evidence-based practice into clinical course teaching.

Sample Objectives:

  1. Understand basic research methodology and statistical analyses pertaining to evidence-based practice.
  2. Discuss the evolution of the evidence-based practice movement.
  3. Use established process to ask and answer a clinical question.
  4. Discuss the published scales on analyzing articles.
  5. Explore some of the best databases for finding discipline-specific evidence.
  6. Demonstrate competence in critiquing intervention, diagnostic, prognostic, systematic review, clinical practice guidelines, outcome measures, and qualitative studies.

This track will help participants to gain a better understanding of research methodology and analyses relevant to clinical and educational research, current trends in health care research, the grant application process, and policies and procedures for NSU grant applications.

Sample Objectives:

  1. Understand research methodology and analyses pertaining to clinical and educational research.
  2. Explore current trends and funding opportunities in health care research.
  3. Understand NSU's Office of Sponsored Programs (formerly known as Office of Grants and Contracts) and the services it offers faculty who are interested in securing external research funding.
  4. Discuss the President's Faculty Research and Development Grant and the HPD Research Grant award systems.
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of the IRB process at NSU.
  6. Understand the grant application process.
  7. Develop research questions and a proposal to answer the question.

Target Audience

Faculty members who have just transitioned from clinical practice to academia and have limited training in research would benefit from the Evidence-Based Practice track.

Faculty members who have had some exposure to research already and desire to increase their knowledge of methodologies, or who have systematic research training but are new to NSU or to grant writing, are candidates for the Research Grant Preparation Track.


There is an open application process for all CHCS Academy related courses. Use the Academy Application link under the Center for Academic and Professional Excellence to apply for the Research Academy courses.