Occupational Therapy (PhD)

About Program

Seriously consider applying to our Ph.D. program if you would like to advance in your career as a researcher and academician. The program is aimed at the working professional who may not be able to relocate for full-time study. Our program is offered in a primarily distance education format with some scheduled on-campus classes. Students travel to the our beautiful main campus in South Florida once each semester for a long weekend of coursework. The rest of the semester's coursework is completed through online learning technology, asynchronous discussion postings, and live voice discussions. There is a one-week on-campus Summer Research Institute, a research residency requirement, and a qualifying process prior to starting your dissertation. You will visit us for an on-campus new student orientation and in-processing before the start of the first term to help prepare you for the program of studies. The Ph.D. program and curriculum includes OT core courses, multi-disciplinary core courses, electives, research residency, qualifying process, and completion of a dissertation study and report.

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CoursesCourse TitleCredit Hours
HPH 7300 Fundamentals of Biostatistics 3
HPH 7310 Statistical Inference 3
HPH 7400 Research Design (Quantitative) 3
HPH 7410 Research Methods (Qualitative) 3
HPH 7500 Philosophy of Science 3
HPH 7600 Grant Writing and Publication 3
OCT 7010 Theory Development for Models of Practice 3
OCT 7101 The Health Professional as Academic Educator 3
OCT 7103 Occupation-Centered Practice 3
OCT 7302 Contextual Aspects of Occupational Performance 3
OCT 7820 Applying Measurement Theory to Evaluation 3
OCT 7860 Creative Leadership 3
OCT 8945 Studies for the Qualifying Examination 1
OCT 8950 Research Residency 3
OCT 8970 Doctoral Dissertation 9
OCT 8971 Continuing Dissertation Service 0
Electives 12
*Minimum of 61 credits to graduate

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