Occupational Therapy

Our Mission

Through its innovative curricular design, the Occupational Therapy Department prepares qualified students to become successful occupational therapy practitioners, managers, and leaders. The program prepares students with knowledge and skills for competent entry-level practice, professional leadership, and to remain contemporary in occupation-based practice in a variety of contexts for an ever-changing world. The Occupational Therapy Department further seeks to lead the profession and community through its contributions in educational leadership, community and professional service, life-long learning, scholarship and research.

Philosophical Overview / Occupation Defined

The Nova Southeastern University Occupational Therapy Department philosophy views occupation and occupational performance as core for organizing curriculum, community interactions, teaching/learning processes, and student outcomes for successful practice as occupational therapists. Occupation is a core construct of the curriculum. Defined as a complex process of doing, being and/or becoming, it provides a foundation, and primary focus for all matters associated with departmental functioning. The following statements further identify the critical aspects of occupation to the occupational therapy department.

Beliefs about Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a health profession that optimizes participation in life. We believe that occupational therapy -

Beliefs about Human Beings