Occupational Therapy (DrOT)

Course of Study

All applicants must be initially certified occupational therapists or pass the NBCOT Exam within one year of starting the program. The following courses are required to complete the program:

OCT 7002 Introduction to Research Methods 3
OCT 7005 Evidence-based Practice and Critical Thinking in O.T. 3
OCT 7010 Theory Development for Models of Practice 3
OCT 7103 Occupation-Centered Practice 3
OCT 7133 Advanced Policy Issues 3
OCT 7860 Leadership Development in Multiple Contexts 3
OCT 7007 Evidence and Outcomes 3
OCT 7003 Capstone Residency 3
OCT 7302 Contextual Analysis of Occupational Performance 3
Electives Selected with DrOT program director approval to complement stated practice focus 12
Total: 39

Note: NSU MOT graduates that start the Dr.OT program within 24 months of completing all the MOT requirements are eligible to take the NBCOT Exam and can complete the Dr.OT program with 33 total credits.