Transferring Credits | Bachelor of Science in Medical Sonography

An evaluation of transfer credit will be completed prior to the first semester of enrollment, and applicable credit will be transferred based on all final official transcripts received. Students will be advised to take courses based on the official evaluation of their file.

Transfer students must provide final official transcripts from all their previous colleges. Their previous academic work will then be evaluated. The Bachelor of Science in Medical Sonography will transfer a maximum of 30 prerequisite semester hours (grades of C or better).

Concurrent Bachelor of Science in Medical Sonography with Master of Health Science option

Students matriculated into the Master of Health Science option may petition for transfer of credits to the program. Up to, but not exceeding, 6 semester hours of graduate work may be considered for transfer from a regionally accredited institution. The courses considered for transfer must meet the goals and objectives of the M.H.Sc. course in question, and cannot be previously applied toward another awarded degree in or outside of NSU. The 27 open elective semester hours of transfer credit from the previously received bachelor's degree will be applied to the B.S. – Medical Sonography degree leading to the completion of the courses required for the M.H.Sc. degree.