Contact Advancement

Advancement Staff
Jennifer O'Flannery Anderson, Ph.D. Vice President for Advancement and Community Relations 954-262-2114 email
Elaina Ozrovitz Associate Director 954-262-2109 email
Stan Linnick Director, Advancement
Ambassadors Board
954-262-2110 email
Samantha Kleiman Administrative Assistant, Ambassadors Board & Fellows Society 954-262-2147 email
Peggy Burrows Director of Administrative Services & Budget 954-262-2125 email
Bernadette Bruce Associate Director, Advancement Communications 954-262-2051 email
Lori Urtecho Administrative Assistant 954-262-2100 email
Rachel Mojica Nova Singers 954-262-2132 email


Office of Donor Relations
Charisse Lopez-Mason Executive Director 954-262-2162 email
[Open] Director, Donor Relations & Fellows Society   email
Debbie Meline Director, Donor Relations & Stewardship 954-262-2111 email
Zachary Danner Director, Prospect Research 954-262-2123 email
Dominic Bortot Coordinator, Prospect Research 954-262-2071 email
Carmen O'Reilly Coordinator, Prospect Research 954-262-2109 email
Efraim Hernandez Director, Advancement Services 954-262-2113 email
Matthew Ricci Advancement Services Analyst 954-262-2065 email
Josem Diaz Assistant Director, Gift Processing 954-262-2137 email
Jena Tadros Gift Processing Specialist 954-262-2117 email


Office of Advancement and Alumni Relations
Sharon Sullivan Executive Director 954-262-2144 email
Elisabeth Cascalheira Assistant Director, Alumni and Annual Fund Communications 954-262-2136 email
Elena Trowell Coordinator, Alumni Relations 954-262-2118 email
Lynn LaRose Associate Director, Special Events & Community Partnerships 954-262-2116 email
Kara Solomon Assistant Director, Special Events & Community Partnerships 954-262-2120 email
Jennifer Brait Coordinator, Special Events & Community Partnerships 954-262-2105 email
Jason Lyons Associate Director, Annual Giving 954-262-2127 email
Chiara Espinal Associate Director, Annual Giving 954-262-2121 email
[Open] Director, Alumni Relations   email
Rachel Rodriguez Associate Director, Alumni Relations   email


Office of Development
Terry Mularkey Executive Director 954-262-2064 email
Alissa Hechter Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations 954-262-2408 email
Elaine Blattner Director of Major Gifts 954-262-2409 email
Ward Sullivan Director Planned Giving 954-262-2135 email