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Shaping the Next 50 Years of NSU!

NSU is more than a university. It is a student-centered, community-minded institution that goes beyond providing outstanding prekindergarten to doctoral education. It offers health care clinics, legal services, lifelong learning options, a renowned art museum, and access to other cultural opportunities and scholarly experiences.

We celebrate annual donors who give as little as $1 a month. Find out how small consistent gifts can allow you to make a larger impact than you might initially thought possible.

Annual gifts go to The NSU Fund. Your pooled gifts help provide world-class opportunities and hands-on training for students, fund critical research programs, and more. But even on an individual-level, your gift is meaningful:

Yellow Fin Club - Up to $250

Yellow Fin Club - Up to $250
Funds students fee for
one semester

Red Fin Club - Up to $500

Red Fin Club - Up to $500
Funds labs and equipment fees
for one semester

Green Fin Club - Up tp $750

Green Fin Club - Up tp $750 
Funds textbooks for
one semester

Blue Fin Club - Up to $999

Blue Fin Club - Up to $999
Funds 1 credit hour for
one semester

NOTE: Through annual giving, you can support the college, school or area of your choice, honor someone special, break up your gift into manageable amounts, and even establish an expendable Changing Lives Scholarship.  Plus, annual giving by alumni impacts NSU’s national rankings, which raises the profile of your own degree. 

Join the new FIN Club! The FIN Club represents the foundation of giving at NSU. Give now and begin your collection of exclusive shark pins to show off your NSU support and pride. Fins Up!

Fins Up Club

As we look forward to the next 50 years, we call on you to help us shape the future of NSU. We work to provide academic opportunities; more than 80 percent of students receive financial aid and scholarship assistance. Every dollar raised for NSU’s Annual Fund supports students and counts toward our alumni participation, which is key to accrediting bodies.

Yellow Fin

Red Fin

Green Fin

Blue Fin

Monthly Gift Annual Total Monthly Gift Annual Total Monthly Gift Annual Total Monthly Gift Annual Total
$ 4.17
$ 8.34
Alumni: Give the year you graduated each month! Your total will be less than $300! ($20.14 x 12 = $241.68)

President’s Associates Giving Level

Monthly GiftAnnual Total
$83.33 $1,000

(Gifts by Changing Lives Scholarship benefactors count toward the annual President’s Associates roster, for each year funded)

A year into his presidency, Abraham Fischler, Ed.D. founded the President’s Associates to recognize donors who make annual gifts of $1,000 or more to NSU. Your participation is needed to continue Dr. Fischler’s vision of ensuring NSU’s ongoing success through a strong annual giving campaign.

President’s Associates support students whose dream it is to attend our nationally-recognized high research university, and faculty members whose dream it is to make the world a better place by inspiring young minds, advancing scientific research and expanding outreach initiatives.

Changing Lives Scholarship Opportunity

Monthly GiftAnnual Total
$1,000 x 5 years
$83.34 $1,000 x 5 = $5,000

(Gifts by Changing Lives Scholarship benefactors count toward the annual President’s Associates roster, for each year funded)

For an annual gift of $1,000, committed for 5 years, donors have an opportunity to name a Changing Lives Scholarship. This 100% per year distribution to a deserving student helps close the gap between tuition and living expenses and truly makes a tremendous impact in a student’s experience at NSU.


  1. On the Online Giving Form, put $83.34 as the amount you wish to give.
  2. Select “Other” under Gift Area, and type in “Changing Lives Scholarship”.
  3. Before you complete your gift, you will have the opportunity to make this a monthly contribution.
  4. Submit your gift, and a member of our development staff will contact you to finalize the details of your scholarship.

Congratulations on taking the first steps toward creating a scholarship! THANK YOU!

If you would like to discuss this unique opportunity, or establish a scholarship by phone, please do not hesitate to call 954-262-2109 or email

Give Today! Call (954) 262-2127 or email for more information.

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