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CARD VINE Webinar Library



ASD & the Reading Comprehension Challenge:
Homework Blues
Getting to the Core: Words that matter in science
Reading Comprehension
REVVing up Reading Rotations with the Four Blocks

Adult Division:


Adults w/ Autism: Becoming Independent & Know Your Rights
After High School, What Next?
Community Resources for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Employment: Know Your Legal Rights
How Can I Make Friends?
Interview Skills (Part 1) 
Parenting to Promote Independence
Planning the Transition to College 
Self-Determination and Self Advocacy
Self-Employment: More Viable for More People than Ever!

Assistive Technology:


Applying Tech Resources in Context: Issues in Autism
Digital Devices: Moving from “Toy” to “Tool” to Support Language, Social Skills, and Executive Functioning
Selecting AAC Apps for Children with ASD

Behavior Strategies:


Communication Supports for Problem Behavior
Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) for Disruptive Behavior in Children with ASD
Picky Eaters: Behavioral Strategies to Address Food Refusal
Understanding the Function and Strategies to Manage Challenging Behaviors

Characteristics of ASD:


DSM-5: A Discussion of Changes in the Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder
Promoting Joint Engagement Skills in Young Children with ASD
Red Flags for Identifying Autism Spectrum Disorders

IEP and Advocacy:


Access to Support Services
IEP Meetings: The Top 10 Things You Need To Know
Learn to be an Autism Entrepreneur

Social Skills:


How Can I Make Friends?
Making Friends
Social Skills Training: The Kids Improving Together Club
Social Understanding for Individuals with ASD
Successfully Including Children with ASD – Supporting Social Interactions

Webinars en Español:


ASD (Desorden del Espectro del Autismo) y la dificultad con la Lectura Comprensiva: Qué hacer?
Caracteristicas y Sintomas del Espectro del Autismo
Camino a la inclusión 
Creando Empleo Para Personas con Discapacidades
Como Crear e Implementar una Economía de Fichas (Token Economies)
Como facilitar las Habilidades Sociales y del Juego
Comprendiendo los resultados de evaluaciones psicológicas
El Manejo de Conductas Problemáticas
Enseñando a tu niño a ir al baño
Estrategias Para Manejar Los Comportamientos
Estrategies para Manejar los Problemas de Alimentacion y las Manias con la Comida
Exploración de Tutela
Hablando de la Sexualidad para Adolescentes y Adultos con Autismo
Recursos Comunitarios para Adultos con Autismo
Utilizando el análisis aplicado del comportamiento (ABA)para aumentar la calidad de vida en niños y familias
Visuales en la Vida Diaria

Specific Skill Training:


Autism Spectrum Disorder, Elopement and Drowning Prevention
Creating and Implementing Token Economies
Food – The Best Medicine Available – Nutrition Tips for Families
Para Power: Supporting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Personal Hygiene: Tips and Tricks for Everyday Living
Recognizing, Coping with, and Preventing Bullying in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Supporting Siblings of Children with ASD
Toilet Training

Teaching Strategies:


Count on It! Strategies to Teach Math Skills to Students with ASD
On Cloud Nine®: Visualizing & Verbalizing for Math
Reading and Writing with Young Children with ASD
Storybook Reading with Your Young Child with ASD
Using Music to Teach Reading, Writing, and Math
Visuals Every Day

Therapeutic Interventions and Assessments:


Autism Spectrum Disorders and Growing Up: Role of Therapy
Best Practices in the Implementation of ABA Therapy
Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (CBT) for Individuals with ASD
Sensory Processing Disorder: How Parents Can Help
Therapy Options for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Understanding Clinical Diagnosis and School Eligibility for Autism Spectrum Disorders
Understanding Results of Psychological Testing