FIN Travel

Alumni Travel Program

We are turning alumni travel on its tail at the Nova Southeastern University Alumni Association! Travel to destinations with your fellow NSU alumni and friends and experience one-of-a-kind opportunities designed exclusively with you in mind!  Interact with NSU's experts while you enjoy a 'behind the scenes' view!

If you should have any questions regarding the alumni travel program, please contact the NSU Alumni Association at 954-262-2118 or


Alumni Cruise Aboard Royal Caribbeans Liberty of the Seas

"Too good for words! If you weren't there, you simply can't comprehend the degree of access we were afforded during this visit."

"I didn't want the weekend to come to an end!"

"All programs were planned with fine details and well put out. We all had a great time. I highly recommend and would participate in future programs."

Socialize in Saratoga"This weekend was absolutely fantastic. I met so many great colleagues!"

"As a graduate of three major educational institutions, I have never participated in an alumni travel program. I prefer to make my own travel plans and to travel independently. However, as a first time participant in this type of organized travel, I think that I am definitely spoiled. This was a remarkable weekend, well planned, and well executed."

Weekend in the Hamptons

"This was a wonderful experience. I made new friends that I will see again on the cruise. The time of year was excellent, and I hope more events like this will be planned. I will make every effort to be there."