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George Lindemann (M.B.A. '99) is passionate about art and collecting.  Moving to Miami from New York in 1997, he was attracted to the local contemporary art scene.  Shifting gears, he sold his traditional, 19th century American art collection and began assembling a diverse and exciting collection of paintings, sculpture, ceramics and more.  Many of the pieces were so large, he has hung them in a warehouse size space that includes his company office.  “I love the energy of the Miami arts scene. There are so many fantastic, young artists and so much new happening.”

Lindemann not only focused on building his own collection, but got involved in supporting the arts for the public by serving as the chairman of the board of trustees of the Bass Museum of Art and as vice chairman of the board of directors for the Miami-Dade Performing Arts Foundation. 

Lindemann is equally creative with his career, serving as president of B.C. Property Investments, a pioneer in office space redevelopment on Biscayne Boulevard in Miami.  At the same time, he is heading a surface water management project at part of the Florida Everglades Restoration project with the State of Florida.  The project will help create a network of lakes, canals and marshes that will naturally clean dirty water and make it available for public consumption.

An undergraduate alumnus of Brown University, Lindemann embarked on his real estate practice after graduation.  Completing a project in Palm Beach, FL, he saw a 6-month window that would enable him to begin an MBA.  Lindemann wanted to increase his business skills with a formal education.  The MBA at Nova Southeastern University was flexible and practical.  “There are two things that I learned at Nova that particularly inform my business every day.  The first is that ‘it is nine times more costly to find a new client than to keep the one you have’ and the second is that ‘ in order for a venture to succeed, the interest of all stakeholders must be aligned.”  I have applied these concepts to every venture I’ve ever undertaken and it has helped make them successful.”

Taking his love for South Florida to unexpected places

Hometown: Miami Beach, FL United States

Profession: Resident of B.C. Property Investments