Alumni Survey 2015

The Alumni Attitude Study© (AAS) is a national, multi-college research study that analyzes former and current students’ perceptions, attitudes, experiences, and opinions of their alma mater. Over 200 universities and colleges have used the AAS process with their alumni providing a rich database of comparable data to assist Nova Southeastern University in the development of a deeper understanding of its survey findings.

There are three groups of survey questions that rate specific items based on both importance and performance.

In 2015, Nova Southeastern University (NSU), engaged their alumni in the Alumni Attitude Survey process. This is the first project AAS project completed by NSU.

The following results are compiled from a total of 2,528 respondents to that survey out of the 77,000 alumni presumed to have received the survey via email. This generated a 3.3% response rate. This overall response rate is consistent with the national averages, but the 2,528 responses represent a more than sufficient margin of error on all of the questions to comfortably extrapolate these findings to the broader population of alumni.

General Findings

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