Alpha-Adducin Polymorphism and Salt-Induced Hypertension

Grant Winner

  • Luigi X. Cubeddu, M.D., Ph.D. – College of Pharmacy


  • William Hardigan – College of Pharmacy


Genes encoding for alpha-adducin, angiotensin converting enzyme and nitric oxide synthase levels have been considered as candidate genes for hypertension (HT). Alpha adducin is a cytoskeletal protein present in the renal tubules and is involved in sodium reabsorption. Point mutations in this protein (Gly460Trp) are associated with HT. Because alpha adducin regulates sodium reabsorption, mutations in the adducin gene may be associated with salt-sensitive forms of HT. In this study, we propose:

This is the first of a series of studies devoted to evaluate the contribution of candidate genes to the development of salt sensitive hypertension.